Our history

From the iron age to the 17th century

Skytteholm’s ancestry dates back all the way to the Iron Age. An 11th century memorial stone with runic inscription can still be seen on one of the islets on the golf course. The runes on the stone read: ”Trotte and Ase erected the stone in memory of their father, God bless his soul.” The Skytteholm estate was founded by Johan Skytte (1577–1645), State Counsellor and a leading figure during the Swedish Era of Great Power. At the beginning of the 17th century he was appointed to the Chancellery of Duke Carl, and a couple of years later chosen as tutor to Gustav Adolf, subsequently King Gustav II Adolf. Skytte held many posts and received many awards; he was a Counsellor of the Chamber, State Counsellor, Governor General of Livonia, Ingria and Karelia, President of the Göta Court of Appeal and Chancellor of Uppsala Academy. In return for his services Johan Skytte received many landed properties, among them several on Ekerö and Munsö. The land register for 1631 contains this entry: ”Johan Skytte is building a residence at Ållhamra”. At that time Ållhamra, or Ulghamra, the earlier name of Skytteholm, consisted only of a large, one story timber house.

18th century until Now

Through the centuries the property has been owned by, among others, the Gyllenstierna and Adlerheim noble families, and from the 19th century also by commoners. The second floor of the Herrgården was not added until the 19th century. In 1918 Skytteholm was purchased by the banker Isidor Fagraeus, who among other things added the third story and had both wings renovated. In 1930 the Stadsmissionen (Stockholm City Mission) bought Skytteholm to be used as a care home for “mentally weak men” and alcoholics. In 1942 Skytteholm was sold to the Stockholm Consumer Cooperatiproduction but also including a rural domestic science school and recreational facilities for “chauffeurs suffering from the effects of wood-gas”. In 1944 the civil defence authorities designated Skytteholm as accommodation for refugees from Estonia, which meant quarantine provision and military supervision. After this Skytteholm underwent a thorough renovation and opened as a simple hotel in 1945. The second building, the Skyttegården, was opened in 1988 and a couple of years later the Herrgården was renovated. In 1994 Mälarö Golf Club was opened, Skytteholm’s excellent 18-hole golf course, now expanded to 27-hole. Skytteholm is still owned by the Stockholm Consumer Cooperative Society and is run as a hotel and conference business by Stockholm Meeting Selection AB.