Fika [fee-ka] at Skytteholm

Fika at Skytteholm is based on our Swedish food philosophy. For us fika is of vital importance! We believe that when you have fika together, miracles happen. For the mid-morning fika we serve freshly baked bread and the ingredients for your own open sandwich Swedish style. Meat ball sandwich, egg & caviar sandwich, or perhaps a prawn sandwich – the choice is yours!

Making classic fika pastries is something we are good at. For the afternoon fika break here you will find something to suit everyone. Swedish fika pastries at their best. Come to us. And have some fika!

You will notice our philosophy whether you visit us as an individual or for a conference or party.

At Skytteholm we provide the best of Sweden and Swedish traditions, in our upgraded interpretation, with a personal touch and always with style. We pay attention to the Swedish natural world and the changing seasons, to Swedish dishes, pastries and bread.