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Hotel, Conference, Weddings and Parties on Ekerö

What does “lagom” mean? Not too much. Not too little. Just right.

Skytteholm Hotel & Conference is situated in the countryside on Ekerö by the shores of Lake Mälaren. A 30-minute trip, just the right distance from the pulsating heart of downtown Stockholm. Here you will find Skytteholm, nestled between rolling horse pastures and Mälarö Golf Club’s beautiful course with its magnificent lake views. At Skytteholm we provide the best of Sweden and Swedish traditions, in our upgraded interpretation, with a personal touch and always with style. We emphasise details of Swedishness, the seasons of the year, Swedish cuisine and “fika” [pronounced “fee-ka”] – the very special Swedish coffee break. Fika at Skytteholm is firmly based on our Swedish philosophy of food and eating. For us fika is of vital importance! We believe that when you have fika together, miracles happen. We pay attention to the Swedish natural world and what the changing seasons can offer. You will notice our philosophy, whether you visit us as an individual or for a conference or party.

We want to make you feel longing, treasure your memories and smile – lots and lots, “lagom”!

LAGOM – “Lagom” is a Swedish word that means “neither too much nor too little”, “not to excess”, “the appropriate size, amount etc.”

Welcome to Skytteholm


We can offer bright conference and meeting rooms with variable layouts and technologies.

Wake up to bird song

Sleep well and wake up to bird song and the soft murmurings of the waves by the shore of Lake Mälaren.

Company Activities

An activity in conjunction with your conference usually creates an enjoyable break, with a team building exercise thrown in.


We emphasise traditional Swedish dishes, pastries and delicacies and the seasonal foodstuffs offered by nature.

History of Skytteholm

Skytteholm’s ancestry dates back all the way to the Iron Age. An 11th century memorial stone with runic inscription can still be seen on one of the islets on the golf course


The light, the serenity and the closeness to nature provide something quite special.

Swedish [Fi:ka]

Fika at Skytteholm is based on our Swedish food philosophy. For us fika is of vital importance!